Want to try Carlton Sheets' program - Posted by David

Posted by Wayne-NC on March 07, 2001 at 09:46:20:

I’m going to add my thoughts and I’m sure that others will too. First, The CS program is a good START. Get alot of books and tapes on the subject from all sources and form your own style of investing. Secondly, How did you get 5K in IRS dept? How much did you make to create such a situation? Where did it go? Why is it such a suprise? I am not looking for answers. I want you to answer yourself. RE investing takes good planning and financial management. Those skills will come of course. Remember, it’s not how much you make but what you do with what you make. Take 2 steps back and learn from that and move forward. Good Luck.

Want to try Carlton Sheets’ program - Posted by David

Posted by David on March 07, 2001 at 09:10:49:

Good day everyone. I am brand new to this site, and have already read some of the fantastic posted messages on the board. Sounds to me as though I can trust the sources here and in fact everyone seems to be very serious about SUCCESS!

I am in financial straits presently as the tax season hit me square in the wallet. I now find myself owing Uncle Sam $5,000 because he did not think I payed enough during the year. That’s my problem, however, and not why I am here.

I saw Carlton Sheets commercial the other day and thought about purchasing his product. However, before I do, I wanted to get the straight skinny from some of you who have purchased his product in the past and have had success. I agree to listen with an open mind, and if I bought his tapes and books, would dedicate myself 100% to successfully doing what he says.

Would any of you swell people out there give me a yay or nay on the Carlton Sheets Package? Informecials make a lot of people a lot of money, but those on TV also take from the unsuspecting. I do not want to be “suckered” into something that will not make me money.

Let’s chat. Thanks

Don’t try…just do it - Posted by George

Posted by George on March 07, 2001 at 10:29:59:

Trying is not enough…check the archives, they have plenty of information on CS. It is a good set to help you start