WARNING....Earthquake in St. Louis - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Jim-WI on April 27, 2000 at 11:15:33:

Hope your son’s derby car wins! My father-in-law is big into Scouts and has a web page that details a lot about how to make Pinewood Derby cars. He’s a programmer so he even has a program to determine the # of races and the combinations of cars to race. It’s kind of neat!

Anyway… hope your son wins!

WARNING…Earthquake in St. Louis - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on April 26, 2000 at 19:02:45:


There is no doubt that there is going to be an EARTHQUAKE in Saint Louis on April 28th.
This workshop is going to be EXCITING, with all the SHAKERS in one hotel.

That’s right. Shakers, Dealmakers, Players, call them what you will. But I can guarantee that
there will be enough ENERGY to light up Saint Louis.

I can feel my blood boiling and my temperature rising. I know what they expect of me. They want
Nothing less than 1000%, and that’s exactly what they’ll get.

I’ll be there with my trusty partner, Mr. Terry Vaughan, the WIZARD OF NOTE.
For those of you that heard Terry speak at the Convention, you know he’s a PRO with a capital §.

You’ve got to understand, Terry and I don’t just teach between 9: a.m. to 5: p.m., and then come back
again at 6:30 p.m. and go to 10: p.m. We then go to the bar and network with the Dealmakers, until the wee hours of the morning. Then there will be the man who when he speaks, everybody listens, Mr. Jim Piper. I always love it when I’m in a room with Jim. Opinions, supported by facts and knowledge start to fly. The conversation not only gets stimulating, but also is enhanced by other experienced players who begin to voice their opinions. Somehow I’m always in the middle of it when Terry will come from no where and
throw a monkey wrench in the conversation, just for reaction.

The joy, the knowledge, the sharing, the wisdom, the excitement, the electricity, the energy, the Camaraderie, the warmth. What Terry and I share in our workshop, you can’t find in a book.

They’ll be from all over the country with Real-estate investing and Creonline, as a common denominator.

I’m going to have a few friends from previous workshops like, Greg Blatz, who’s birthday is Saturday the 29th, and Jim Rainer, just to name a few.

The only guy missing is my old friend Ray Alcorn, who must have gotten word that if he came, I was going to put him to work, and have him teach Commercial. We’ll miss you Ray!

I want to take a minute to THANK those of you that were not selected to attend our workshop.
For you to show an interest in our shop, was greatly appreciated.

It wasn’t a personal thing, but we felt that a newbie is vulnerable in their quest for knowledge. And we didn’t want to take advantage of that vulnerability. Being new, they get caught up in the hype of real estate
Investing, with out feeling the rejection and agony of the WORK it takes to get a deal.
In addition to that, we feel that without them knowing the basic fundamentals they may feel overwhelmed
with the workshop.

In any event, I’m on to Saint Louis with new challenges and endeavors ahead.

For those of you going, I’ll see you there, and those that aren’t, I’ll talk to you when I get back.

Ed Garcia

Re: WARNING…Earthquake in St. Louis - Posted by CarolFL

Posted by CarolFL on April 27, 2000 at 07:53:49:

We’ll miss not being there as reruns this time, but I do believe you’ll see us whenever you guys decide to do another!

Have fun!
Carol and Dennis

Re: WARNING…Earthquake in St. Louis - Posted by Laure

Posted by Laure on April 27, 2000 at 06:05:09:

Do you think St Louis will fall into the Ocean?? I mean River?? Heck, that’s L.A…

Laure :slight_smile:

Re: WARNING…Earthquake in St. Louis - Posted by ray@lcorn

Posted by ray@lcorn on April 26, 2000 at 22:01:14:

Ed old buddy,

Man I do hate to miss your workshop. Not only are you and Terry a lot of fun to work with, but such good friends to boot. And with the group you’ve got coming it is guaranteed to be a memorable time.

I really wish there were a way for me to make it, and believe me I wanted to. That call last week almost talked me into it. But number one, my son’s Pinewood Derby race is Friday night, and you oughta see the car we built this year! (Did y’all do the Pinewood Derby out on the left coast? It’s a little wooden car carved out of a block of pine with plastic wheels that you roll down a wooden track in heat races with other racers.) I just finished polishing the axles with sandpaper and pumice… We’re READY!

So you just enjoy the whole weekend without ol’ Ray there to prove you wrong a time or two. Get rested up for the commercial seminar we talked about doing later this year. Reckon we could blow some minds???

By the way… there’s been a few unseemly comments about you being chicken to come to the commercial forum… I took up for you though. I told 'em that as soon as you studied up on cap rates you’d be there to back me up!!! (big smile!!!)

Have fun, and tell TV to watch his shoes!