We expect it to happen overnight - Posted by StevenMac

Posted by StevenMac on June 16, 1999 at 15:29:43:


I just wanted to express some comments about this course, and about expectations.

For some time, I have been following this board reading comments posted by many individuals who have had success or failure by using the CS course and techniques.

For some reason, when I received the course, I had all these thoughts, all these dreams, a vision about securing my future. I thought,“I will buy this course, and I will get rich like the people in his commercials”. I had this expectation that by doing this course, almost automatically I am guaranteed that this course will work 100% and I will have a lot of property.

Today, I did some thinking. No matter how simple this thought may seem, since when has someone just handed something to you to make your life better? I look back at college, and realized that if I had not studied other areas outside of college, staying up all night to read and practice other areas of my discipline, I would not be where I am today, because I simply would not have the skill.

People here are like recruits at boot camp who want to be Generals overnight and skip the process of learning(which is time consuming) and long term committment. I wanted to be General overnight, and thought I will just hold out my hand and get all this property.

People have said they failed, and admit I have failed, because the approach is wrong. I failed before I even got started. This CS course is a good introduction to get you into the right place, but it does not have all the answers, nor does any other course or book. Success is in the person and not in any book, bootcamp, or course.

Another issue is something that I left out is that in my mind,“Nothing is wrong with me, it is the course”. Our own skills can be our failure. Going through the material is a fraction of it. We also have to look at what is wrong with us. Do we have good social skills? Do we have good judgment? These our factors that can bring failure to us as well. I can no longer blame the course, but only myself.

So something has to change. As Stephen Covey will point out… If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes.

STEP 1. Information Gathering - A. Review CS course; B. Get REI books from library and online information; C. Save newspapers of house listings, D. Check for local REI clubs …etc.
[Simply, gather the information, and that is it to have something to work with and plug in answers to one or the other information does not offer]

STEP 2. Analysis of Information - A. Read and group related information that would be helpful in my area.

STEP 3. Summary - A. Combine the information that is useful into notes, and throw out what does not apply.

STEP 4. Preparation - A. Set my goals of how many properties; B. Find homes I am interested in from gathered

STEP 5. Implementation - A. Make the calls, and try to get an offer.

Of course, it can go on. But I need to get to a point of action. How many of you would invest in the stock market without having a clue how it works? Why is this any different? Some people like to jump in and see what happens, and some of us like to minimize risk through “what if” scenarios and be prepared through research.
In any case, everyone has a method, and it could be that the CS method of obtaining property is not right for you, so look at yourself, because no one else cares if you make it or not. There is more than 1 way to do something. Who cares about how you get there, it is the end result that counts.

So lets hang in tight, try to not get down because things don’t work out at times. For those who failed, lets try again. Feel free to write. Thanks