We Moved The Site.... - Posted by J.P. Vaughan


Posted by Michael Murray on February 20, 1999 at 10:45:20:

I have a friend who was explaining to his doctor how he had made a huge profit in a recent flip deal. The doctor was shocked and skeptical and exclaimed, “Good Lord man, I am a doctor and I don’t make that kind of money!” My friend replied, “Yeah, I know, when I was a doctor, I didn’t either”.


We Moved The Site… - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on February 20, 1999 at 08:01:15:

Over Thursday and Friday, Terry moved the entire site to a
bigger and faster server. During the move, we had some “down
time” as various glitches were being fixed. Looks like
everything is back to normal now. If you find anything that
isn’t working properly, please let us know.

JP Vaughan


CREaholics!!! - Posted by SCook85

Posted by SCook85 on February 20, 1999 at 08:25:48:

I’m sure glad the site is back up and running. I was lost and miserable for ahile and I have spoken to others who felt the same way. Before long we are going to have to hold you responsible for our addiction. Do you have any ideas on how you might address this problem that some people claim we have?



Re: CREaholics!!! - Posted by Kevin OK

Posted by Kevin OK on February 20, 1999 at 09:51:55:

SCook…you weren’t too clear on which problem you were referring to. Assuming it is your CREaholicism (which clearly is shared by myself and others here), there just may be a market for a CREaholics Anonymous 12-step program. "Hi…my name’s Kevin…and I too am a CREaholic. " Wow, I’m already feeling less isolated! :slight_smile:


Re: CREaholics!!! - Posted by Matt B

Posted by Matt B on February 20, 1999 at 09:43:02:

My name is Matt and I’m a CREaholic. Even though I agree with you that this is all JP’s fault, you may want to take a long, hard look at yourself now and think, “maybe there’s something else to do with my time other than real estate investing”. I have been told by MANY very educated people that you can’t really make a living off of this real estate thing any way. I have been told it is very risky, and you can get into a lot of trouble and lawsuits and such by getting involved in things like lease options. Besides, it probably doesn’t work where you live, either, just like it doesn’t work where I live. I know this for a fact because everyone tells me I’m crazy or from another planet when I discuss what I’m doing. Besides, if I actually do all the work and go through the trouble of getting a junker property under contract to flip, what’s to stop a “real” investor from just waiting until my contract expires and then getting the house himself? Then all that time will have been wasted!

In order to get the help that you obviously need, I suggest a trip to your local job center. They have plenty of opportunities available, most of which pay almost 50 cents over minimum wage! Which brings me to another good point… did you know that minimum wage is due to be going up? Looks to me like you’re out of excuses. I would meet you at the job center, but I left a good job where I can just go and beg for it back. That’s what my mom told me to do anyway. It turns out she was right… I was foolish to leave just to pursue this real estate crap.

A little disclaimer here… I’m not a doctor or anything so to get real professional advise and help with your problem, you should probably talk to a real estate agent or a job counselor or something. Good luck with your problem.