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Welcome Reed. Nice to see you here.

Just feel bored to doing work and work and don’t give any time to my family. So decide to go somewhere to spend some days with my family. My wife asks me for going to Dubai and plans fixed to going there next month. So I decide to book an apartment or villa online for a month. I visit many websites but could not choose yet. My wife selects a site https://www.dubairent.com but not booked any yet.
Looking forward to you if anyone any recommendation for it.
Any helps greatly appreciated.

thanks for creating new website.

My new website is finally live even though we are still working out some of the display for the listings, however you can now log on and list any wholesale properties for investors. Also if you are looking for coaching we have partnered with Jerry Norton Wholesaling Coach you can access a library of coaching videos thru the site. https://nwpls.com All listings are free, so post your properties today.


Thanks for accepting for Request.

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I’m glad to be here hope to connect so we can all network on deal flow

Hello all forum members, I have just joined this forum for the first time and I am really happy to be a part of this great community.

Sell my Portland house for cash

the new site is extraordinary with fabulous data.

Thanks for having me. I just joined and am excited to learn from the community. My background is business, having founded a successful tech business in Sydney Australia. I started diversifying into property in Australia and own 6 Single Family Rentals in 3 different states. Since leaving operational duties at my Australian company I moved to New Orleans and have been flipping houses and buying rentals. I haven’t ventured into commercial property yet but that is where I want to go so I am here to learn and contribute where I can. If you are interested, I started documenting the houses I am buying in New Orleans. You can also connect with me on linkedin if you like - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenkeighery/

Is anyone here?

I’m a Realtor in Minneapolis needing to broaden my portfolio.
I need advice on:

  • Finding pre-foreclosure properties. I read Tanya L Bowen’s article on this site and hoped to ask her a question but cannot figure out how to message a member.
  • Funding my purchase of an investment property.

I’ll wait to see if anyone is reading posts these days before providing a lot of detail.

Grateful for any advice and guidance that you can offer!

Hello and thank you do this forum. I came across it whilst reviewing Real Estate Agents websites on the internet. Glad I found it!

Hello! I just found this article https://tranio.com/articles/international-real-estate-platform-tranio-to-offer-free-advertising-and-no-sales-commission-to-potential-partners-in-bulgaria/, company offers free property advertisement on their website, maybe will be useful for smb here

Hello. My name is Hannah and I am really curious to meet some people who are related with real estate.

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Thank you ,
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I haven’t been on this site in 15+ years. What happened to JP and Terry Vaughn? Their daughter was involved too.

Hello, I would love to connect. Thank you.

Thank you for permitting me to join your group. My name is Don Enrique and I am the business developer for Covina Valley Financial Services located in the San Gabriel Valley area of southern California. The principle founder has over 40+ year in real estate sale and lending and welcomes the opportunity to serve you in any real estate transaction. Look forward to hearing from you folks. Thank you in advance.