Well, Let's do the do.... - Posted by nick dawg

Posted by Ernest Tew on May 30, 2000 at 18:44:47:

An offer to move and set the homes up is helpful. But, don’t forget the cost of steps, connecting to water, sewer, electric, air conditioning, skirting, and permits. In some areas, these costs can be very high.

Needless to say, you should take a close look at the condition of the homes and make some arrangements for a place to put them. If they are old, too small, or in bad condition, many parks may not want to accept them. And, allow for lot rent you will have to pay while waiting to sell the homes.

Well, Let’s do the do… - Posted by nick dawg

Posted by nick dawg on May 30, 2000 at 17:28:16:

I got Lonnie’s book a few weeks ago.
I’m jumping in the water.
That’s the only way to make it work.
I stumbled upon a Park that is shutting down.
The park is offering to pay for transportaion of all of the units to new locations. Over 25 for sale by owner units in the park ! I don’t particularly want to deal with moving the homes, but since they pay to move 'em and set 'em up i’m gonna take the plunge.
I put in offers on 2 already today. I got an add running and i’m getting calls, so i oughta be able to sell the buggers.
I’m going back later tonite to see if i can catch some of the other owners.
I have no idea where i’m going to put 'em, but i’ll figure it out. Hell, the only way to learn how to swin is to get in the water. Wish me luck. I’ll figure something out.
This is so exciting. Thanks Lonnie.