Wendy Patton Boot Camp - Posted by Tara - UT

Posted by eric-fl on July 21, 2003 at 11:20:04:

I too, have seen Wendy speak, but was not as impressed as you were. Don’t get me wrong - I wasn’t UNimpressed, I just honestly didn’t hear anything new from her. That being said, everything she did say was basically correct, and coincided with other gurus, as well as my own (non-guru) experience. I don’t know how much value there would be in her boot camp, it would depend largely on price and structure.

Speaking of female Real Estate Investor Gurus from the Midwest, the one who DID impress me was Vena-Jones Cox. She just seems so polished and put-together, although I’m sure being president of NAREIA didn’t hurt in that department. Not to mention she’s gorgeous, so if nothing else, she’s nice to look at (ok, I admit it, I’ve got a little crush). I don’t even know if Vena has a boot camp, but she does do a lot of L/O, so it might be worth checking her out before plunking down a wad of cash.

Wendy Patton Boot Camp - Posted by Tara - UT

Posted by Tara - UT on July 20, 2003 at 18:58:40:

Has anyone used Wendy Patton’s material or attended a boot camp? I was very impressed with her at Ron Legrand’s conference this month and am considering going to her boot camp in Detroit. My main question is - is her material different from the other Lease Option gurus? Is it worth the money? Anyone using her material?

Thanks a million for your input!