What about Louisiana? - Posted by OS

Posted by OS on May 14, 2000 at 09:50:22:


You don’t know how glad I am that someone understands what I’m going through. It’s like having a 350 setting in the garage with no body to put it in. In any case I called the DMV in Baton Rouge before I read your post( what a mistake) if I would have read your post first I wouldn’t have called. What a song and dance this lady gave me; she ramble on and on and trasferred my call to two other gentlemen who happened to know less than she did. For a moment I was beginning to thinking maybe it’s my fault ( I’m not making myself clear enough)
You would think that rephrasing would help (don’t put your money on that pony) needless to say I did’t get anywhere.
As far as having a physical place of business I don’t have one. Which is a real discouragement. Then I read your post a second time trying to find a loop. Tell me what do you think " 3 deals in a 12 month period is considered a dealer here." I’m not going to say I want your encouragement to operate outside of state law ( even though I do :slight_smile: ) I just thought I’d test my luck to get some experience and do 1 or 2 deals. I stumbled across a 2bd 1 bath for $5K yesterday( well that’s how the sign in the window read),
since today is Mother’s day I won’t call on it untill Monday, but it looks like its in pretty good shape. There is a park across the street I’m not sure if the home is a part of that park or if it’s on a private lot , I’ll let you know.

Could you also explain a little more about an ‘open title’ I’m pretty green on that one.

Thanks Colin

What about Louisiana? - Posted by OS

Posted by OS on May 12, 2000 at 09:53:57:

Hi Pros

As anyone would geuss I’m a newbie. I’ve just finished Lonnie’s book and the book he suggested “Rich Dad Poor Dad”
(what an eye-opener) so my motivation is through the roof.
I’m hell-bent on succeeding at MH investing and some time in the future I would like to own a park, but for now I want to do those little Lonnie deals that everyone on this site are going nutts over ( I’m the jealous type I need you guys to succeed so I can be motivated to do the same then we can sit around and post) My question: Is there anyone here in Louisiana that I can talk to particulary about the license? I tried to speak with the lady at the local DMV but I think I would have done better speaking to a 3rd grader. I knew she didn’t understand me but she gave me a programmed answer to get rid of me. My next stop is the state DMV in Baton Rouge. I want to start of on the right foot with the license and all, but there are at least 9 deals in the free paper that I have in hand right now ads like $3,000 OBO for 1974 2bds 1bth . Sorry to ramble on and on but I need to get started, the right way .

Thanks for any comments
O. Siwel - Louisiana

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Posted by Colin on May 12, 2000 at 12:28:06:

I have a Louisiana dealer’s license, so I know that it can be a real pain in the neck to obtain any info on the subject. You are wasting your time with the DMV because they don’t know squat. You need to contact the Louisiana State Fire Marshall’s Office in Baton Rouge. The licensing contact there is Stephanie Glazier(1-800-256-5452)–ask for the licensing dept. She will be happy to mail you a dealer’s packet. The license will cost $100 and will expire at the end of 2000. Now it gets a little tricky. Let me explain— I will be referring to the 1998 edition of the Louisiana Sate Fire Marshal handbook for ‘Manufactured Homes Laws & Rules Pertaining to MANUFACTURERS - DEALERS - SALESMEN - INSTALLATION’ First, the definition of a ‘dealer’ 51:911.22 Definitions part(2) ‘“dealer” means any person engaged in the sale, leasing, or distribution of mobile homes or manufactured housing primarily to a person who in good faith purchases or leases a mobile home or manufactured housing for purposes other than resale. Any person who sells, leases, or distributes more than three such mobile homes or manufactured houses in any twelve month period shall be presumed to be a dealer.’

Therefore, if you are doing more than three deals a year you just get a dealer’s license right?? Well wait just a minute. Under sec. 51:911.24. License required; qualifications; application; issuance; transfer Part F. The fire marshal may, after giving the applicant notice and opportunity for a hearing as provided for in this Part, refuse to issue a license when he is satisfied that the applicant has done one of the following:(I will skip straight to 3.)
(3) 'Has no established place of business which is used or will be used for the purpose of selling, displaying, and offering for sale or dealing in mobile homes or manufactured housing.'
I will also say that I was required at the time of application to submit a copy of my business license. I am also required to send in a monthly sales report to the state DMV on all sales done the previous month.
This information makes it seem almost impossible to buy and sell(or lease) mobile homes in this state without an established place of business. I will say that I know many people who have leased several mobile homes without a license for years. I also know of a few that buy and resell homes keeping an ‘open’ title between transactions. If you do this enough times though you never know when it will catch up to you. I did it one time right before I was issued my license and there was a problem with the house ,even though my name was not on the title who do you think the buyer called to rectify the situation—me! If I would have refused to help them out that could have caused major problems. I don’t mean to discourage your interest in this business because it can be very lucrative,and like I said I know many people that make money in this business without any type of licensing. I am just a very cautious person reporting the facts. If you have any questions for me you may reach me via E-mail.
Good luck in your ventures,