What are we selling? - Posted by Bert G

Posted by Bill K. (AZ) on June 22, 1999 at 19:43:53:


I’m selling my ability to solve buyer’s and seller’s problems. When I’m successful, I get paid.


Bill K. (AZ)

What are we selling? - Posted by Bert G

Posted by Bert G on June 22, 1999 at 19:40:30:

Food for thought:
I was reading “The E-Myth” today, the part about business development, and it talks about delivering a consistant product to the customer. Got me thinkin’, just what IS our product, especially when we’re in buying mode?

When I was in retail, the hard product might have been bicycles or paint, but what I was selling was fun healthful recreation or a beautiful decor. In my radio days, we “sold” advertizing, but what we delivered was an audience to hear the commercials.

So, I’d like to hear what you think our “product” is in the REI game.

FOR SALE: The American dream. Fredom from burdonsome debt, or the hassle-free way to a home of your own.

Bert G