What can I do? - Posted by Ron M

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on September 23, 2003 at 14:49:17:

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Well, this sounds like sophisticated investors. They may not sell a property at a good deal to you. But you don’t know until you try.

I’d suggest telephoning the two phone numbers you have. If can’t get through, send letters to the addresses you have, soliciting purchose of the property.

Good for you being persistent and tracking down the information. It might be possible to get the home address for a couple of those officers. Check the assessment roll for the counties where their mailing addresses are. In some states there is an indication of the property being probably owner occupied, because of homeowners exemptions of part of taxes.

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What can I do? - Posted by Ron M

Posted by Ron M on September 23, 2003 at 11:27:15:

About 2 months ago I was visiting a customer of mine in a nearby suburb of the city I live and noticed a nice looking rancher with dead grass. I walked over to the property to discover it vacant and the shrubs overgrown.

Yesterday, I was in the same neighborhood so I drove over to the home and found it in the same condition as a couple of months ago. There were no real estate signs on the property. Today I searched the Internet and found the following information on the home.

Year Built: 1992
Style: 3 bedroom, 2 bath Rancher
Square feet: 1,615 (tax assessed) + basement
School District: Excellent

I also found a nearby address for the owner and a telephone number for the owner. Although, I have no idea whether or not they are current. I did a reverse search on the telephone number and it wasn?t listed. Although, I called the telephone number and it wasn’t disconneted, it just rang and rang with no answer. When I did an Internet search on the listed mailing address, the mailing address apparently doesn?t even exist.

I also looked up recent sales in the area and found the average market price for a home of this size in this area was around $215,000. I am interested in figuring out how to find the owner of this property and what might be considered the best way to go about acquiring the home to make a profit. The records show that it hasn?t sold since it was built in 1992, so I imagine there is quite a bit of equity in the property. The owners? last name is Brown and the first name is equally as common, so I can only imagine how many Brown?s there are in the world.

Help!!! How do I go about finding the owner of this property? If I do find them, what is the best approach to finding out if they want to unload the property? Thanks for anyone?s assistance.

Ron M

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Posted by Nick_FL on September 23, 2003 at 13:44:55:

If you can’t find him yourself through his paper trail, use a skip tracer–they can be as cheap as 50 bucks and they’ll find him.

Re: Property now owned by a Nevada Corp? - Posted by Ron M

Posted by Ron M on September 23, 2003 at 14:32:10:

Thanks for the advice. I actually called the County Assessors office to see if they could tell me where they send the tax statements. They stated they send them to a Corporation in Indiana, and that the Brown’s didn’t own the property anymore. I did a reverse search to see if that Corporation owned any other property in the area and found 2 other homes currently owned by the same corporation but listing a different address in Indiana and an additional address in California.

I looked at the Secretary of State Web site for both Indiana and California to discover that both corporations were listed as closed. However, the California site mentioned that it was a foreign corp from Nevada. So I went to the Nevada web site and found the Corporation was active and listed 3 officers who all live back in Indiana along with a reference to an Alaska Corporation with the same name.

I reverse searched the names of the Corporation officers in the town in Indiana where the addresses indicated and came up empty on 2 of them and got a telephone number for 2 different people with the same name for the Corporate Secretary. I now have 3 different mailing addresses for Indiana and 1 for the registered agent in Nevada, along with 2 telephone numbers that may or may not lead to the Corporate Secretary. Can anyone tell me what to do next?

Thanks all,

Ron M (WA)