What credit check website do you use?


I am creating a new Landlord application that can be used to qualify prospective tenants for landlords. In doing this, I need to find a good credit/background check service for tenants. Ideally, it’s something I can do online and is inexpensive, but effective.

What website or application do you use to review tenant’s credit and background?


I for many years used American Tenant Screen, see:


Note that companies that do this come by your house or office to perform an inspection when you set the account up and see if you handle tenant info properly, such as locked file cabinets etc. They have various levels of service depending on if you also need background checks, employment checks, bank reference checks etc., besides a generic credit check.


Hello CoryH13. I would like to give you a few tips for successful tenant screening. I hope that it will help you. Check it out. First of all you should dig deeper into tenant’s credit history. Do not use website that promise solutions that are provided too quickly. It usually means that they skip some of the checks and you do not want that. Also be sure that your possible tenant has no evictions or other public records. Try this website - http://www.e-renter.com/services/tenant-screening. You can also try to speak with previous renters so you may find out about problems they had with the potential tenant. It can be a problem to find the renters though. However it is worth of your energy because you do not want to solve problems with somebody who is not responsible enough. You will save your nerves and especially time. After everything mentioned above is done, you may want to speak to your applicants and get your first impression. It can give you a big hint and make your decision much easier. I hope this comment will help.