What did you think of Kiyosaki on Oprah? - Posted by Ben (NJ)

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Posted by HR on April 29, 2000 at 08:56:18:


I agree. I remember when Kiyosaki responded to Karp, too, and he told Karp that Karp was wrong. Actually, Karp was right (a scary thought). That doesn’t really matter, though. Kiyosaki’s intent is a good one: to get folks to realize that that big house they consider an “asset” ain’t really as great an asset as they may think (ie. dead paper equity instead of income producing). He’s trying to shock folks into doing more, and I think that’s great.

I’ve seen this Home-as-liability debate surface here a few times, and I’ve never said anything. I just disagree with the adamant assertion that one’s personal rez always is a liability. Usually? yes. Always? not necessarily.

Speaking of personal rezs… we’ve got all the mechanicals in, sheet rock taped and floated, paint colors chosen… we’re actually getting somewhere. I’m hoping that some of the folks I’ve given private invites to stay will take me up on it. (especially since we even have a guest floor, not just bedroom and bath!)

Hi to Dennis for me.


PS. It’s Jazzfest weekend! Gotta play hard after workin’ hard!