What do you think? - Posted by Emma

Posted by William Bronchick on February 19, 2002 at 19:58:44:

How about finding ways to buy property without credit? There are dozens of ways to buy using partners, other people’s mortgages and creative financing. True, having good credit is a plus, but you can certainly do a lot without it.

What do you think? - Posted by Emma

Posted by Emma on February 19, 2002 at 24:10:05:

Please tell me what to do with this situation.

Housewife handles finances,kids,all details in every area…including finances and a strong motivation to have solid assets, and live off passive income.

husband goes along with everything and thinks everything is a “good idea” just signs the papers…using his credit and income. i of course am on the title, but not the loan.

I want to be able to purchase and manage rental properties and generate income from my side, i am not working on “the books” so i wouldnt qualify for loans of course, how do i close on loans, without his signature needed… myself with no employment in last 2 years, except for 100 bucks a month from 1 property?
i want to be able to make transactions on my own. husband is always working at his job and doesnt have much time to go throuhg details and can never get time off. so i am doing everything anyway.
should i register a business name, in my name only and build up a credit line with my bank thru it?

i need to have my own thing going here. any advice would be appreciated

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Posted by Kent C on February 21, 2002 at 24:53:52:

This question sounds like a good candidate for the financial forum. Ed garcia might be of help.

Kent C