what does these mean ? what do I do ? - Posted by Raj

Posted by soapymac on June 19, 2000 at 21:06:45:


Answering strictly from what you have posted, the first couple is not motivated enough, or possibly does not understand what you are attempting to do to help them. Either way, they are ducking you. Move on.

The second may still be a motivated seller, but how do you get in contact with them? Did you look their number up in the phone book? Does it have an address? Is that address close by, or in a neighborhood that you want to invest in?

If they are not in the book, check www.whowhere.com or any other of the phone book sites on the web…to see if you can match an address to the phone number.

Do a “drive-by” without calling them again to check the house out. If you like the area and what you see, stop at the house, knock on the door, apologize for not getting back with them sooner (remember, it’s ALWAYS your fault for not getting there sooner) then see what develops.

If they don’t remember giving you the address, just show them the paper with their phone number and address on it and say, “I’m sorry…is this your phone number? It is? Then how did I get your address?”

No, it is not a trick nor is it sneaky…yes, it is bold. They probably won’t remember the conversation, anyway.


Roy MacLean


what does these mean ? what do I do ? - Posted by Raj

Posted by Raj on June 19, 2000 at 20:42:23:

In answer to my ad, I received a phone from a home owner, who is to relocate to another state. They bought the house about two years ago and have no equity. The only workable thing, I could think of, was L/O. I talked to the lady and wanted to set up time when both of them are present so that I can explain L/O deal and get their signatures. From Thursday onwards (till this afternoon), I was getting answering machine. I left couple of messages, no answer.
This evening, when I tried to call again, the phone was just ringing, no answer or no answering machine.
Another lady answered my ad this afternoon and left her phone number. I heard that message seven times to make sure I have right phone number written down, because when I call that number, the phone co. message says that the phone is not in service.
What does these mean ? What can I do ?
Your suggestions please.
Thank you very much,

Re: what does these mean ? what do I do ? - Posted by The Donald

Posted by The Donald on June 19, 2000 at 23:36:38:

Try a drive-by. Introduce yourself - and go from there.

If you then get the cold shoulder, move on to the next candidate.

Remember though - I read this somewhere - most sales attempts (and make no mistake, this L/O biz is about selling your concept to the mark, um, seller, that is are successful only after the 5th through 12th contact attempt.

So don’t give up too easily - repetition seems to be the key.

Good Luck :slight_smile: