What every newbie must know! - Posted by Jeanne

Posted by Jeanne on June 21, 2000 at 12:47:52:

Hey guys,

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind all visitors to check out the resources available on this site. Take a look at the yellow site index on the upper, left-hand side of the page. Start by reading one or two “how-to” articles every day. You can print them and take them with you. Start putting them in a binder and highlight info you might use later. This is FREE educational material! If you are overwhelmed, and you don’t know how to start your investing career, these articles will help you choose YOUR real estate investing niche. They will answer so many of your questions.

For example, please read the article by Ed Wachsman titled, “A Glossary of Common Terms Used in Loans and Lending”. You can find it under the “how-to” articles heading, or cut and paste this URL: http://www.creonline.com/articl68.htm

Thanks for your time!