What is a Lonnie Deal? - Posted by Eric - GA

Posted by Jake J. in MT on October 24, 2003 at 14:19:06:

It’s el cream de le crop! It’s why I’m here and why you are here and why the Mobile Home Forum is here. A Lonnie deal is (I suggest reading his book, Deals on Wheels, or better known as DOW) simply wholesaling then retailing a Mobile Home (MH). You make $ in a few ways. You are simply helping someone out in need, (and they are always out there) getting them out of their current MH quickly with little cash.

-First, you find your home from someone in need and aquire it at a great price (becuase they’re in need of quick cash or indebtness or whatever the case!)

-You then simply find a buyer through SELLER FINANCING! In this way, you help another in need (we need a place to hang our hat, and quick, and with little down). You accept a small down payment and take a note at a large % interest (usually the 12.5% standard). You are simply RETAILING the MH for much more than you payed and anyone in need will gladly accept (because they’re in need and you’re a friend indeed (willing to finance))!!):

You then can sell the note and cash out quick if you so desire.

This should help some, but do read his book!!!

What is a Lonnie Deal? - Posted by Eric - GA

Posted by Eric - GA on October 24, 2003 at 13:03:01:

I already searched the archives, and found so many entries that I couldn’t get to anything meaty (especially on a dial-up). If this is like the other discussion groups, someone in here probably knows of an excellent post from awhile back that gives an overview of what everyone is talking about. I’d appreciate it if someone could point me that way.

Eric - GA