What questions should I ask a realtor when selling home?


I think a lot of people will have the same question in their minds. What should I ask a realtor when selling my home? I too have the same. Please, Can anyone provide me with the list of questions?


Once you have confirmed the Realtor’s credibility (confirm their license is valid, etc.), I would get an idea of how active they are in your community. How many sales have they made over the last year or so in your immediate area. Ask if they will be working with you, or do they have a listing agent who will work with you. If that’s the case, make sure you meet and like this person. Do they have an aggressive marketing plan? Make sure their practices meet your expectations. Do you expect to be updated daily? Weekly? Do you expect them to host open houses? Make sure you are both on the same pages up front. On that note, make sure they know how you wish to be contacted. They may want to do everything via email, and you are a phone person. Ask what they expect the turn around date to be for getting it under contract. Some Realtors may offer you a 30/60/90 day pricing plan, meaning they expect it to go under contract within 30 days at this price, 60 at this price, etc. Ask to see the comps yourself and go over the details with you so you understand the differences. Don’t expect yours to sell for more just because you put in a new toilet and flooring in the hall bath. And don’t forget to ask for a Seller’s net sheet, which will show you what to expect to net from the sale and a break down of the estimated expenses.

Hope this helps.
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Loved the answer Steve, Thank you!