What should I do? - Posted by Demetrius

Posted by John Behle on May 21, 1999 at 17:21:46:

It depends a great deal on the circumstances. You may be able to get a loan, you may be able to create a note and sell it. You may be able to go to a hard money lender.

We need more details such as:

  1. Price, value, terms of the property
  2. Your credit and possible borrowing capabilities
  3. Details of your conversations with them and what makes this appear to be a deal.

What should I do? - Posted by Demetrius

Posted by Demetrius on May 21, 1999 at 16:37:43:

Here’s the situation: I responded to an add in the newspaper for a sale of a home. I told the person that I was an cash buyer and would they be interested.

This person is very interested in my cash offer. The only thing is, I don’t have any money. Where do I go from here? I don’t even know what to say to this person. I’ve never been involved in a real estate transaction before but I’m determined to try to work out something.

Any information you would like to let me in on, will be greatly appreciated. If this falls through I may be able to submit an ‘Success Story’ article on this site with the person’s name who gave my that critical information. Thanks!

Re: What should I do? - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by David Alexander on May 21, 1999 at 17:50:41:

Exactly as John said, more Info. Think of this, out there when selling a house, most people understand nothing else except cash. the first thing you need to find out is…Is he/she motivated? If so then find out the particulars of house, numbers etc. You can only find this out by talking to them long enough, listening and figuring out a way to solve their problem.

David Alexander