What to do? - Posted by haustin

Posted by James (FL) on August 07, 2003 at 12:01:22:


I guess what i wrote violated the advertisement laws. I did not think it did, but they erased my post. Please refresh my memory. you are approved for 80% financing correct? Have you asked the seller to hold a private second? If not, are you buying the home at a substantial discuont… i;e 20% off of market value? Also, what stae are you in. Please provide me some of the details and I will do what i can to point you to a lender that can help.

James Prince

What to do? - Posted by haustin

Posted by haustin on August 05, 2003 at 12:55:48:

I’ve been approved for 80 % of 67,000, on the purchase of a new home. How can I work a deal with no money down or closing.