What to do with fire loss MH??? - Posted by Freddy W in OKLA

Posted by Robert McNeely on May 13, 2000 at 21:23:26:

You will need to contract with someone to clean up the lot. Considering you got the $7K, and if you want to work in the park in the future, it will fall on you. you should be able to contract with a salvage co. or check around to see how the park has handled this in the past.

What to do with fire loss MH??? - Posted by Freddy W in OKLA

Posted by Freddy W in OKLA on May 13, 2000 at 09:04:32:

I have been doing Lonnie deals since 1998, but am stumped on a question.

My first deal I made in 1998 was on a 1969 10x60 in good condition. I gave $2,500 for it and sold it a total of four times since 1998.

The home recently burned and the insurance company totaled the home. I had put insurance on it myself when it was repossessed the last time and hadn’t cancelled the insurance yet when the new owners moved in. The new owners didn’t have insurance on it and the insurance check was made out directly to me for $7,000.

The insurance company told me “I” could do whatever I wanted with this home. This home is not repairable and it is still standing…wished the fire department would have let it burn to the ground because it would have been a whole lot easier to clean it up.

Has anyone out there had this happen to them and what should I do??? Is there anyone out there that cleans up these homes???

Re: What to do with fire loss MH??? - Posted by Mike Chretien

Posted by Mike Chretien on May 14, 2000 at 11:07:43:

My brother is a firefighter in Mass. How about donating it to the town for firefighting training purposes. I bet they may even pay to have it hauled to a clear lot for them to work on. Try it, they just might say yes.