What Will They Say About You, On Your Day? - Posted by Sandy FL

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on January 13, 1999 at 21:17:06:

Beautifully written and humbling. Sandy, I can’t improve on your post. All I can say, is Brad understood.


What Will They Say About You, On Your Day? - Posted by Sandy FL

Posted by Sandy FL on January 13, 1999 at 17:57:58:

Today I attended the funeral of a man from my community who was a physician in the hospital where I work. Now I am the first to admit, that there are few physicians who have my ultimate admiration and respect, having met more than my share of pompous, impatient, less-than-caring doctors.

But every now and then you meet one who forgets how much smarter he is than everyone else, and that he is just too busy to be personable, and takes the time to personally talk to everyone. Patients, administrators, nurses, housekeepers … it didn’t matter. This doctor knew everybody’s name and never had an angry word for anyone. Despite being in a highly stressful field, I never saw him throw a temper tantrum. He had just been elected the Chief of Staff and was helping the community to raise funds for a Cancer Research Center, which is being built immediately west of the hospital.

Everyone described this surgeon as not only extremely bright and competent; but also warm, caring, and selfless. He was one of the doctors who DIDN’T ask about their insurance first, and their ailments later. He was a role model to younger doctors, as well, taking students on rounds with him and demonstrating unending patience with them.

So, I ask you, what was the future value of this man’s life, cut so tragically and violently short at age 41. With 2500 souls at his memorial service today, how many more people’s lives might he have touched, if he had been allowed to stay with us a few more years? How many patients lives could he have improved? How many more physicians could he have influenced into making the most of their careers? How many future lives might have been influenced by the Cancer Center, with him still around?

In light of how my week has gone, some recent discussion on this board has seemed trivial and somewhat cynical. Now please consider this … What will they say about you, on your day? Will they talk about the people you helped, or the dollars you earned? Will they brag about how you cut someone out of a deal, or how you helped a younger person get a leg up in the business? Will they laugh about ‘how he never left a penny on the table’ or talk about your philanthropic efforts to help the community that helped you? Would your colleagues and peers come out of pocket for reward money so that your killer might be found?

Well, I am about to get down off my soapbox here, but I just had to post something, to say Goodbye Brad, and thanks for the reminder. We are richer today, because you were one of the ones who made a difference. Rest in peace.


Re: What Will They Say About You, On Your Day? - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on January 14, 1999 at 12:15:50:


That was beautifully said.
I?m sure when a tragedy like this happens.
It makes us stop and put everything in it?s proper prospective.

As James Coburn said at Bruce Lee’s funeral.


It makes you realize that when it?s all said and done, we need each other.

Sandy, Thanks for sharing your loving thoughts.

Ed Garcia