What's the best time schedule for investing? - Posted by Mike Reilly

Posted by Adam King on October 02, 2001 at 01:44:02:

Hey Mike,
I think that this is a weird question and one that should not be answered except by you. Real Estate is no different a passion than wanting to stay home with your kids on a sunny saturday morning. Go with your gut, it will either send you in the right direction, or it won’t. If you want to live a financially free life, then stay silent for just a few minutes and then ask yourself. We are all different from each other, just like fingerprints, just look into your heart, that is where the answer is. You are only limited by your dreams. What do you dream Mike? This is your aswer to this question. Don’t let it limit you.
You and your family’s future are in my prayers.
PS, this is only the begining, if you pursue it, you’ll understand this post.

What’s the best time schedule for investing? - Posted by Mike Reilly

Posted by Mike Reilly on October 01, 2001 at 23:15:57:

This may seem like a very odd question, but here goes.

Due to the recent horrible attacks by terrorists, the place where I work is significantly increasing its security level. Different departments are starting work at different times to reduce traffic. My department is now coming in at 8:30 and leaving at 5:00 (1/2hr lunch). I may have a choice soon of working 6:30-3:00 or 7:00-3:30. Later on, our employer may give us the option of working 4 8’s and off every Friday or Monday, or 5 9’s and off every other Friday or Monday.

What would be the best choice of these or other work hours for investing in real estate: looking for houses, sellers, investors, buyers, etc.? In the past I’ve worked lots of extra hours without charging, but I think I’ll be working the standard hours where reasonable, and using much more time for REI.


Re: What’s the best time schedule for investing? - Posted by J.Clifton

Posted by J.Clifton on October 02, 2001 at 20:25:03:

If you’re doing your CREI part time, work it like a part time job, at the hours you would accept moonlighting at. For people with first shift jobs, 3 hours each weekday evening and 5-9 hours on the weekend should work (20-24 hours/week). Devote 60-65% of your time to marketing/prospecting (say, 14 hours), 15-20% to negotiating (5 hours), 10-15% to networking (3 hours), and 5-10% (2 hours) to closings and miscellaneous management.

On you 24-hour “job” you can be spending a half hour at lunchtime networking, and an hour each evening calling sellers. Monday evening after calling sellers, take two hours placing/creating ads. On Tuesday your two hours could be visiting houses, Wed. finishing a mailout, etc. Make adjustments according to your own tastes.

Re: What’s the best time schedule for investing? - Posted by ken in sc

Posted by ken in sc on October 02, 2001 at 08:38:28:

Although you can do this business on your own schedule (that is actually one of the benefits!), I have found that you will meet less resistance if you work late. Most sellers want you to come look at there house when they get off work. Most realtors are used to sleeping in then working late. Only contractors are morning people and they don’t really need you with them at 7 AM.

But know that you can do this on your own schedule. I decided years ago to not work on weekends. And I don’t. Not for tenants, not for purchases, not for anything. I have a family and a personal life. So, for me, I may work late during the week, but never on the weekends. That was MY decision. Now, you make yours.