Where are they now???? - Posted by Ricky (CenLa)

Posted by John Behle on April 26, 1999 at 13:07:25:

It’s Tony Hoffman. Used to be a pitchman and I believe partner with Al Lowry. As of a couple years ago, Al was just investing and had a mortgage brokerage. Ran into him at a “Paper Source” convention.

Where are they now??? - Posted by Ricky (CenLa)

Posted by Ricky (CenLa) on April 23, 1999 at 11:40:30:

Is anyone familiar any of these people; they are who I credit with peaking my curiosity with CRE, which has now become my obssession…Ed Beckley, Dr. Albert Lowery, Dave DelDotto, Tony (what’s his last name?) Where are they now? Still doing deals or basking in the sun?

Re: Where are they now??? - Posted by Bruce Arthur

Posted by Bruce Arthur on April 25, 1999 at 18:01:10:

Dave Del Dotto is still seen on late late night TV in Southern California.

Ed Beckley, like Wade Cook, is now pitching the Stock Market as the best way to make millions fast.

Tony What’s His Name (I don’t remember either) flopped trying to sell the O J Simpson tape. The TV stations wouldn’t show the 800 number.

Re: Where are they now??? - Posted by Joe Kaiser

Posted by Joe Kaiser on May 01, 1999 at 12:34:33:

Actually, Ed Beckley is (at least as of a couple months ago) in federal prison serving 18 months on a number of fraud charges related to his “at home” business program, selling grocery coupons.

Tony Hoffman got another set of hair and was last seen (by me anyway) on Larry King justifying his production of the OJ video. Disturbing stuff (to say nothing of the hair piece that seems to take on a life of it’s own).