Where can I find Delinquent homeowner... - Posted by Kevin(OK)

Posted by Mac on April 14, 1999 at 24:04:38:

I think he is talking about one homeowner in particular. There are many free ways to find people,(how to articles),but if you have exhausted
all of them, which I have done on occasion, you need
to dig a little deeper.

How Deep??? Look in the phone book under P.I.'s,
call one up and schedule an appt. Go in and tell
them you need to run a Social Security Trace.($25) If you don’t have the social #, they can find it for you off of the driver’s license records… anyway a SS trace will usually turn them up. It shows things like, where they have new utilities turned on, where they are working now, etc. You might have to take a road trip to get the deed signed, but if its worth it, then go…

Good Luck----->MAC

Where can I find Delinquent homeowner… - Posted by Kevin(OK)

Posted by Kevin(OK) on April 13, 1999 at 09:50:47:

…information? I know where to get foreclosure info. for free, but I would like to be able to find the homeowner before the foreclosure expenses pile up. I am talking about people who are 3-4 months behind in payments (once these people get past a certain point, foreclosure is inevitable). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Where can I find Delinquent homeowner… - Posted by Joe Kaiser

Posted by Joe Kaiser on April 14, 1999 at 01:52:56:


I spent six years figuring out how to locate people headed toward foreclosure. I wanted to find them BEFORE anything was ever filed or recorded so I’d have first crack at them.

There are a number of ways, and I included all I found in my foreclosure course.

One of my favorites was to sign up as a Mortgage Field Rep and be the guy who interviews deliquent homeowners on behalf of the lender months before foreclosure is filed. There’s a list of those companies who will hire you to interview their lender clients in the course as well.


One homeowner or many homeowners? - Posted by Sandy FL

Posted by Sandy FL on April 13, 1999 at 09:56:52:

Are you talking about geting a LIST of homeowners
which are 3-4 months behind? Or one particular homeowner that you have already identified, and can’t find?


Re: Where can I find Delinquent homeowner… - Posted by Brandi_TX

Posted by Brandi_TX on April 14, 1999 at 02:43:01:


We just ordered The Ultimate L/O Strategy and Abandoned Properties. While checking out the descriptions, we noticed the Totally Dominate… course says it is an advanced course for those with basic knowledge on Foreclosures and RE.

The knowledge we have on Foreclosures has been obtained through reading info on this site. Our RE knowledge has come from this site and a few courses we have ordered as well. Is this the “basic” knowledge the course assumes we know? Or is their more to learn 1st? If more is required, would you mind elaborating on just what kind of info one should know BEFORE ordering the course.

Thanks! We are looking forward to the courses.

PS I wanted to post this on your board, but my password to post has not come yet. (How long does that usually take anyway?) See you in chat!