Where to get financing with no credit? - Posted by Shelton_n_VA

Posted by js-Indianapolis on August 23, 2003 at 21:23:35:

You’re not going to get it from a bank, or hard money lender. BTW, $80K to $95K is nothing. If you’re off a few thousand dollars on value, and repairs, and hold for any length of time, or have to use a realtor, you’re hosed. Put that $2500 back in your packet, and consider it money ahead. Go find a real deal now.

You can use this situation though, right now. The best thing to do would be realize your situation, and start building your credit, so you might be able to qualify in the future. Get on someone else’s GOOD, really GOOD paying account of some sort. When the credit card people are at your college giving away some random crap if you fill out a credit app, just say no. If you do have a negative mark, challenge it. Take it from someone who got out of school with all sorts of credit issues, it’s pure hell. Five years later, and I’ve still got 2 years for some of my idiotic credit decisions to quit following me.

Where to get financing with no credit? - Posted by Shelton_n_VA

Posted by Shelton_n_VA on August 22, 2003 at 22:23:45:

I might need a loan in the near future. I found a property with an asking price of $79,900 and needs about $2500 in rehabbing. Similar Houses in the same Neighborhood sell for around $95,000. I thinking about purchasing it up, fixing doin some cosmetics, and sell it. But my biggest hurdle is financing. Do you have any advice on how a 21 year old college student, with no credit, can get financing for this deal?