Where To Start My Education - Posted by Darin


Posted by Kevin (Philly) on January 26, 1999 at 13:40:44:

I found local individuals involved in the market I was interested in that were willing to share knowledge. I found a great RE broker who manages properties that I still use as an invaluable source of information. Join local RE clubs that are a great place to network and get ideas. My real education came after some investigation and purchase. Good Luck


Where To Start My Education - Posted by Darin

Posted by Darin on January 25, 1999 at 17:51:27:

As a new invester, I realize the need to start with one or two Real Estate Courses that will give me the tools to becoming a seasoned invester. With all the courses outlined within C.R.E.O., I am unable to choose which one to start with.
I also wonder which direction to go at first, since there are so many creative techniques to choose from. I would like to do them all, but I need to be realistic in my approach as a beginner. I worry about liability and risk, so for starters I would like to work with creative techniques that would give me the ability to learn the ropes with minimal risk and allow me to get out there right off the bat and start making deals. Real Estate can be a Cash Cow, but it can also contribute greatly to your downfall without proper education.
I am interested in Single Family Homes, Duplexes, Flipping and Lease/Options. Please give me a suggestion as to a couple of courses that would meet my current needs as a beginner.