Where to start.......? - Posted by Andi (CRO)

Posted by GL(ON) on April 18, 2002 at 20:52:37:

Where I live the real estate sales people are licensed by the province. They must take a course in school then write a test. When I took the course it was 6 weeks long. It covered real estate law, surveys, contracts,valuation of property and other matters. This is very good training for the beginning investor. I recommend it even if you never sell real estate or get your license. It gives a good basic knowlege and puts you on a more even level with the real estate professionals and lawyers.

I also recommend a course in basic accounting or bookkeeping. This is important for any business, one of the main reasons people fail in business is that they do not know enough accounting to know when they are getting into financial trouble until it is too late.

Where to start…? - Posted by Andi (CRO)

Posted by Andi (CRO) on April 17, 2002 at 19:02:31:

Hello everybody!!!
Greetings from CROATIA, EUROPE…!
One day, I don’t now how, but i found this site.
And started to read all of this success stories, how-to articles and monay making ideas .I wanna congratulate all people who are sharing experiences on this site, and a founders of this site!!!
I was reading some books of Robert Kiyosaki, and learn something about financial inteligence, real estate and investing, but this site blows my head.
To make things short: I DON’T NO WHERE TO START!!???
If someone could tell me what to do first, I would be gratefull for advice.


Andi Perusko
Pula ,

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Posted by GL(ON) on April 18, 2002 at 09:07:49:

Hello Andi, from Ontario Canada!

I am surprised no one has answered your question. Maybe they don’t know about investing in Croatia. Well neither do I but that won’t stop me talking about it.

What sort of land ownership system do you have? Is private ownership legal, and encouraged? In other words could you buy property with confidence that it would not be taken away, and if you make a profit will they let you keep some of it?

Is it more common for someone to buy their own home, rent, or lease for a long time like 20, 50 or 99 years?

How do they feel about landlords?

I suspect there are a lot of houses that need repairs, that can be bought cheap. This can be a good way to make money. Buy a house that needs repairs, fix it up and rent it or sell it for a profit.

The best thing you could do is find an older property investor in your area and talk to him. This is easy, people love to talk about themselves and their interests.

Re: Where to start…? - Posted by Andi (CRO)

Posted by Andi (CRO) on April 18, 2002 at 18:40:08:

Hello friend, thanks for answering to my message.
In Croatia we have 11 years of political and economical freedom., so it’s very young state.
Yes, private ownership is legal.
In my area there are hundreds, maybe thousands , of houses, and the value is between 100.000 $ - 500.000 $.
Value of the house depand on the position.If the house is on the coast, or 20 meters of the beatifull beaches, the value is higher than of the same house which is 500 meters of the sea coast.
It is more common to buy a house in my area, than to rent it…
I found out that one of my friends is Real Estate Agent but he started a few months ago.
I was thinking that it will be better to meet with an attorney who specialises R.E. to start learning what can I do in my area, to learn taxes and the procedure of contracting, insurance…etc…
Thanks for answering.!!!

Andi Perusko