where to start??? - Posted by michele

Posted by Paris on March 09, 1999 at 15:37:59:

I believe flipping is the safest way for a beginner. Run a I BUY HOUSES add.
Call the guys that run those adds and find out if they will buy the houses you find. Find out how liquid they really are. They when someone calls on your add, gather all the info you can about the house, the asking price if they will finance and so on. Then post any questions you have on this site. Get in the chat room in the evening and ask for advise. I am sure you will get plenty of response.

The key is to do something, anything, call on fsbo. Each person to speak with will open your mind to visualize new possibalities!!!

Paris n Baton Rouge

where to start??? - Posted by michele

Posted by michele on March 09, 1999 at 11:39:28:

I have ordered the carlton sheets program and have read it thru twice now.I found this site by searching for RE and love it there is so much here that really makes me want to “take the leap” but i feel i need to read thru some more programs. There are alot of them offered here and all the names seem to come up alot in differrent areas of the site.Is there one inparticular that might benefit a newbie more than another? I’m wanting to try flipping and/or L/O. Thanks alot:)michele

Re: where to start??? - Posted by RS

Posted by RS on March 09, 1999 at 22:46:53:

Michele: I have taken the CS course and then I took Ron Legrand’s “Fast Cash With Quick Turn Real Estate”. I wish I had taken it first! It teaches you how to flip and create instant cash flow. CS is more focused on long term wealth building through RE.There is a place for both strategies, but Legrand believes one should focus on today’s cash flow concerns before becoming a landlord. I agree.