Which course? - Posted by Kevin in west palm

Posted by RR Smith on January 21, 2000 at 08:03:36:

For flipping I would say the Legrand course is the way to go. Many on this site have had excellent results with it. For rehabbing I would say this book by Sandra M Brassfield (holding up his copy) is a good start (plus some net working with contractors and would be contractors). L/O & rent(? to own?)take too long unless you have poor/bad credit and/or are in a tight market (i.e. san diego). For $1999 film the process and we will sell the video on this site, we’ll call it How Not to Mentor.

Which course? - Posted by Kevin in west palm

Posted by Kevin in west palm on January 20, 2000 at 20:20:30:

Hello everybody, great site, lots of info. The question I
am about to ask has more than likely been beaten to death.
I am interested in flipping, rehabbing, renting, and L/O.
I would like to know from experience which course is worth
the money, C/S, LeGrand, etc. I also have a chance to employ
a mentor for $1900.00 He says he will walk me through every
deal and show me the ropes.
Thanks, Kevin

Re: Which course? - Posted by Marty Greenberg R.N.

Posted by Marty Greenberg R.N. on January 21, 2000 at 21:37:53:

There are many courses out there and you will have to decide what you want to do: wholesale; retail; lease/option ; buy fix and sell; buy and landlord; paper; ect. Since you are in West Palm check out the Florida Real Estate Investors, Association. Dwan or Sharon call be reached at (561) 2760-7171. I think they meet the third Tuesdayof the month. David Dweck runs the Boca club which meets the second Thursday of the month. His number is (561) 447-2146. Good Luck.