Who ever said YOU have to look for sellers? - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Bob-MD on May 25, 1999 at 09:01:55:

Thanks for the encouraging post. I’d love to hear about how you get the motivated sellers to call you. Are you in a seller’s market as we are here in MD?


Who ever said YOU have to look for sellers? - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on May 24, 1999 at 22:45:22:

Today was a crazy day! I spent the day finishing up some “chores” that were not related to REI.
I came home tired, and did not even go directly to my voice mail or e-mail.
Just took a shower, ate dinner and sat down to relax.(Whew! No more labor for me this week!)
Then, I decided, “what the heck, lets check the machine”.
Well, several messages and two (I’ll call the rest tommorrow) return calls later, I have more appointments with sellers to discuss and possibly sign more L/O’s.
Now, I know I cannot count these as “in the bag”, but it sure felt good to have these sellers calling and asking ME to do the deal, instead of vice versa.
Especially after a long day on the road, and working in the yard!
Just had to share the “joy” I felt today.
I love this business!
and it just gets better and better!
Jim IL

P.S. Thanks Matt! You are right…L/O are the way to go!
(of course we will not pass on other good deals if they come along)

Re: Who ever said YOU have to look for sellers? - Posted by John Estell(Denver)

Posted by John Estell(Denver) on May 26, 1999 at 16:06:57:

What ads (if any)do you use to get motivated sellers to call you? I have no success. I also tried getting buyers to call looking for homes with no success. After reading ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ by Kiyisaki, I used an ad he suggested to get buyers and my phone ran off the hook. I wasted $600 on ads that didn’t work for me at all. I spent $67 on that one ad and bingo. Now I need to find motivated sellers. Please if you don’t mind, what do you say to get the sellers calling you? Thanks in advance.

Re: Who ever said YOU have to look for sellers? - Posted by Matt B

Posted by Matt B on May 25, 1999 at 14:38:17:

No problem, Jim. And you’re right. It sure is nice having the sellers call you asking you to do the deal. I just came back from another contract signing on a lease option. It really is too easy. I’m beginning to think that someone could actually make a living off this stuff! (For the newbies, that was sarcasm.)

I think it’s pretty cool that someone I know personally is doing the same thing I am and having the same success rate. It still seems that nobody “gets it” when I try to tell them about what I am doing. I am still advised to go get a job before “something bad” happens. Getting a job would be something bad!

I can’t agree with you more about LOVING this business. It just gets better and better. It can be tough, tiring work, having to sign all those darned contracts all the time, but I guess there are worse jobs!