Wholesale Question - Posted by John

Posted by Kristine-CA on October 23, 2003 at 15:26:08:

Well, you’ll have to talk to the owner to find out what they need (and if they want to sell). Then make an offer that leaves room for you and your buyer. No offense, but you won’t get comfortable by watching someone do it. It’s always uncomfortable to do things one hasn’t done. No amount of reading or mentoring will make the feeling go away. So my suggestion would be to go with it. Make an offer, feel uncomfortable. Worse case scenario is there is no deal. And even then there will be some valuable learning and experience.

Don’t worry about your buyer until you’ve gotten the deal. Get a good deal and you’ll have more than one buyer.

Sincerely, Kristine

Wholesale Question - Posted by John

Posted by John on October 23, 2003 at 09:26:03:


For you wholesalers out there. Which one of these books/courses would you recommend I purchase to learn about wholesaling, Steve Cook - Wholesaling for Quick Cash
Scott Rister - Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses. Please let me know your opinion if you have purchased any of these books/courses.


Re: Wholesale Question - Posted by Kristine-CA

Posted by Kristine-CA on October 23, 2003 at 12:25:58:

Steve’s course is good. I don’t know Scott Rister’s course. Also read Bronchick’s Flipping Properties and Ron LeGrand’s book about wholesaling…title is something like Fast Cash or Quick Profits Flipping Properties. Both are under $20.00.

One thing about Steve’s course: it is very specific to his experience of using the mls to buy properties. My opinion is that this does not work everywhere, especially in areas where there simply aren’t that many fixers on the mls. There are many ways to find properties to re-sell to investor/rehabbers–the mls is just one of them. Steve’s course is good for the inspiration it provides.

I also think that if you supplement the books and courses with reading everything in the archives on this site on wholesaling and flipping that you’ll know just about everything there is to know. From reading that is. There is just no replacement for experience in this business.

Happy reading. Sincerely, Kristine

Re: Wholesale Question - Posted by Jo Anne Castelli

Posted by Jo Anne Castelli on October 23, 2003 at 13:35:01:

I just located a property I would like to wholesale. It is a fixer-upper. I alos received a call from someone who is interested in a fixer-upper (sychronicity!) I am stuck at the offer phase as I am not sure I know the next step. I almost feel like I need to “watch” someone do it in order for me to feel comfortable stepping up to the plate.
Anyone have any suggestions for someone who is “stuck”.
Thanks. Jo Anne