wholesaling?hardmoney?leaseoptions? - Posted by T.G.BYRD

Posted by Jim LaVerdi on May 13, 2000 at 19:57:36:


You answered the first question yourself. You have found it first and made the right offer to net you a good payday, and your buyer/ rehabber a good wholesale profit margin. (Don’t do this without understanding how to determine the right offer first) It’s covered in the material listed below.

The second question concerning discounted note buyers: They’re all over the place. Check with some members of your REI Club, they can probably give you a list of buyers. They are not concerned one bit as to your newness in the business! All they are worried about is the equity in the property

The best material (In my opinion) and I repeat OPINION is the Ron LeGrand 3 Mods. I too studied the Carleton Sheets material and find Rons’ materials very easy to understand after studying his. The 3 Mods contain courses on everything you’re looking for. (Wholesale/ Retail) (Lease Options) (FSBOs) I find it to have been money well spent and I am in the process of building a buyers list right now! (You’ll read about this in the course) and the next step is getting out and making offers!

Best of luck in your investments and decisions.

Jim LaVerdi

wholesaling?hardmoney?leaseoptions? - Posted by T.G.BYRD

Posted by T.G.BYRD on May 13, 2000 at 02:22:10:

I recently found creonline and have been very interested in rei for many years(thanks Carelton Sheets). I like to learn and know as much about something as possible. A couple of questions come to mind as I have been soaking up as much info as i can from creonline. (1) Why does wholesaling work? it seems to me that a person who fixes up properties would be buying them him/herself(unless I just happen to find it first) (2)How hard is it to find investors to buy discounted notes, how do you find them locally, and how much concern are they going to have about my newness to the industry.(3) what’s the best book,tape,etc., to buy to learn specifics on l/0, flipping, and owner financing? thanks!