wholsale or buy and flip - Posted by Kris J

Posted by Kris J on July 02, 2002 at 03:16:51:

Ok guys what is the deal hear. I have purchases Ron Legrands book quick cash with quick turn real estate sometime last year. I’ve also had an old carlton sheets home study course. I wanted to do the quick flip or wholesaling thing (mind you I’m a novice at this and haven’t purhcased property 1 yet). I’ve been hearing, however that doing quick flips and wholesaling is difficult in these times because in order to do it you have to go after homes well below market value. those home seem to be homes that are going into forclosure and from what I’ve been told a few months ago that the forclosure market is drying up especially in southern cal where I live.

Can someone here enlighten me on the market that I can do that type of quick flip deal as Legrand teaches, should I try to find these type of quick flip deals outside of cali., or should I just try to do the buy/hold tech. I mainly was just hoping to get some cash doing the quick flip deal but if thats non-existent in these days and in my area what else is there for me to try.

Any and all experience help will be appreciated very much. For me time is of the essense here. Thanks