WHO's JOE M. KAISER? - Posted by george

Posted by george on January 28, 2002 at 22:53:25:

Thanks J.P. for your input.

I was looking at some of his products online
at nothingdown.com

No appearent contact info besides, blindly doing it on web. no location listed, and no phone, for mail-in orders or questions. There was an email I think.
It just would be nice to know more about how to contact in person regarding purchasing and delivery.

I appreciate your response. And regard for Joe.
I look forward to checking out the articles you noted.

Have a Great week, George

WHO’s JOE M. KAISER? - Posted by george

Posted by george on January 28, 2002 at 15:59:58:

Hi there, I am wondering just Who Is “Joe M. Kaiser”.
Saw info on some of his courses.
Is there a PHONE Number to contact Him or (his company).
Where Is he located?

Thanks, george

Re: WHO’s JOE M. KAISER? - Posted by Scott Ashbaugh

Posted by Scott Ashbaugh on March 03, 2002 at 20:04:20:


I have two of Joe’s courses and they are excellent, BUT, they aren’t usually what I would think of for any beginners. I would recommend maybe Bill Bronchick’s or Ron LeGrand’s for the overall basics, Joe Kaisers would be a great second addition to further fine tune your targets in marketing. I’m not down playing Joe’s stuff at all, again, EXCELLENT, but have an overall plan first, and a solid undertanding of say lease options, or rehabbing or whatever it is you are after.

Re: WHO’s JOE M. KAISER? - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on January 28, 2002 at 22:14:38:

Joe Kaiser is THE most innovative real estate author I
have ever known. You can read complete descriptions of
his courses here in our Online Catalog:

The Hunt for Abandoned Properties

Totally Dominate Your Foreclosure Marketplace

Ultimate Lease Option Strategy

Power Cash Flow - Mechanic’s Liens

You can alos read many articles written by Joe Kaiser
on our “How-To Articles” page.

JP Vaughan

Re: WHO’s JOE M. KAISER? - Posted by Rob B

Posted by Rob B on January 28, 2002 at 20:11:11:

Joe Kaiser wrote " The Ultimate Lease Option Strategy: Targeting the Tired Landlord." I think he has other courses. I bought this one and thought it was good. Try www.nothingdown.com. I think it is off air for a while.