Who's to Blame? - Posted by Rob

Posted by Rob on January 26, 2002 at 22:57:14:

The Subject to problems reminds me of this guy, who said Lonnie methods didn’t work.

This guy brought 8 HM with little or no money. Lost 2 back to the park. He claims that the next 5 MH, are not paying him. I said How could that be possible??? You mean to tell me that You are 5 for 5 MH are not paying U. Then He said Lonnie methods doesn’t work. The Nerve of this guy. I ask him did he do credit, and referral checks. He said No. Who put these people in the MH? He said He did. I said There is no one to blame except yourself. Then He admitted it. Can you believe this guy? He is sitting on about 80k in equity, but doesn’t know it. He just says yeah! If he wasn’t introduced to Lonnie materials, he would still be a painter. The right informations, with the right mentors can do wonders.

The one MH he sold, because I told him to. He netted over 10K, but everything is gone. He owed so much money. The funny thing is he could see it. He didn’t think it is possible. Talking about lack of understanding, and lack of education. He read only once, and with some help to push him. He was able to do it. The Mentor no longer respond to him, because he burned his bridges.

Moral of this story is Look at yourself, not at a system, that’s works. Don’t blame others for your mistake! If you do this, you will never learn!