why doesn't ED sell bankers fighting? - Posted by Steven(CPA)

Posted by Ed Garcia on July 29, 2003 at 11:27:04:


Thank you for showing an interest in what I teach.

Many times I?ve thought how if I did courses, I could make much more money with practically no work because once you?ve put together the courses all you have to do is keep ordering the printing of them. I even fantasize when my days get long and I don?t get to all of my students in a given day.

There is no doubt that a written course could be useful but what it would lack is the chrisma, the aurora from a room full of investors feeding idea?s and sharing knowledge.

Terry and myself as mentors have intuition or instinct as to what information under what circumstances should be applied rather then information that would be misapplied and therefore not applicable.

You?ve got to understand Steve that the workshop is not just designed to teach investors how to get a Working Line Of Credit, but is designed to get them out of their comfort zone, to think bigger, and to take them to their next level as an investor. The answer to that may not always be a WLOC at the time.

We probable need to hook up with a professional writer of courses to help us and then maybe I would be more comfortable in distributing the information in a written course.

Ed Garcia

why doesn’t ED sell bankers fighting? - Posted by Steven(CPA)

Posted by Steven(CPA) on July 28, 2003 at 11:41:29:


I’ve been trying for years to get a hold of Have Bankers fighting to give you money? Ed’s seminar. Does anyone know if Ed will ever make a course we can buy?