why is it?-russ whitney - Posted by michael e. v. knight

Posted by Marty on March 09, 2001 at 06:39:35:

How true! In the end who is going to Europe for vacation or just to a local amusement park as the “Big” vacation? Russ knows what he’s doing–an absolute genius in my opinion. He’s a great guy. It all takes work and America isn’t up to that. Everyone wants something for nothing–the easy way out. That is just about as opposite to Russ as you can get. He is a workoholic. Most people are just getting up when Russ has already been at it for 3 hours! He certainly doesn’t need any more money–he enjoys the challenge. Most of all everyone seems to be missing one big point Russ advises of frequently–If you’re just doing it for the money it won’t work like it will if you also try to help someone else in the process. God will bless more abundantly if we also are giving. So the more you help someone in your business, the more it will come back to you. Again is this not another smart way to be successful?

why is it?-russ whitney - Posted by michael e. v. knight

Posted by michael e. v. knight on March 09, 2001 at 24:48:19:

why is it that if someone of russ whitneys caliber does not visit real estate discussion groups they are said to only be in it for the $ they make selling their courses, yet when they do give their input on a discussion board they are attacked and said to only be there for the money?
on robert kiyosakis richdad site, robert kiyosaki tried to join in on the discussions and gave up after a few days.
yes russ does mention his courses as well as other peoples courses such as ron legrand. if russ can get you to buy just 1 investment house he will have succeeded in helping you. think of buying just 1 four unit building at or slightly below market value (as long as the figures work) with a 20 year mortgage on it. in 20 years when the building is free and clear, lets say rents are $500/month each unit x 4 units =$2000/month - $500 for taxes, ins.,water, sewer, maint., etc. = $1,500/month pos. cash flow($18,000year)in todays $. i know some retired people that only make $500/month from social(in)security. instead of complaining about russ start asking him questions that will help you enjoy a comfortable retirement instead of hoping the govt. will support you.

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Posted by sammy on March 09, 2001 at 07:30:14:

Yes, you are correct, Russ is very, very good at what he does!

I just watched the Carleton Sheets infomercial again. Why don’t any of those people post here.