Will someone lend me money ? - Posted by toughluck

Posted by Glenn OH on February 29, 2000 at 21:08:46:

I, and probably no one else on this site will loan you money, but you can probably learn a number of ways to help your situation.
What you really need now may not seem right to you, but a loan is the last thing you need, especially if your debt is credit card debt. If it is, start by putting them all away, or even cut them up. That will immediately stop any additional debt.
You then must look at your expenses, and you must make a commitment to yourself that you will do what is necessary to get out of this situation. You say you do not own property. Do you own a car? Is it a money sucking status symbol, or is it a practical, free and clear owned older model. If it is a status symbol, then it is someone else’s status, because right now your’s is not YET at that level. See if you can get out from under the weight of that burden, and buy a good but cheaper car.
Are there other things you do that cost money that are WANTS not NEEDS? How many of them can be cut back or out? Eating out, gyms, etc.
How does your rent compare to all other forms of abode? Are there cheaper ways to live? Housemates, shared expenses, etc.
It will not be easy to make these choices, but you must live within your means to get out of your situation. If your self esteem is suffering, bear the knowledge that you are not the only one in this situation. Probably 90% of the country is doing this, but you have taken the important first step - you have admitted there is a problem that you want to change. Seek help from local Consumer Credit Counseling services to further your support. Look in the library for books about getting out of debt - again another free resource!
Many of these books will outline a way to be debt free within 5 years, so some patience will be required.

Will someone lend me money ? - Posted by toughluck

Posted by toughluck on February 29, 2000 at 18:12:38:


I went through some hard times last year and i have some bad credit.
Chearge offs mostly and credit card bills.
Now i’m trying to get my act together.
i owe probably 10,000 dollars and iwant to wipe that clean and pay off those debts.
I own no property.
I got a raise and i now make 4,000 dollars a month minimum.
Will someone give me a consalidation loan based on my monthly income ? i need to payoff the bills so that i can move on with my life.


Re: Will someone lend me money ? - Posted by HS

Posted by HS on March 01, 2000 at 13:49:07:

Use the free help. I think that Consumer Credit Counseling Service is the best way to go. You have to make a committment to stick with your payment plan. When you enter their program, you are required to physically cut up your credit cards in their office and not apply for any others. The benefits are great, you get a lower interest rate and make one payment to them and they dispurse it to the people that you owe. If you really want to get out of debt, and are willing to commit to doing so, this is a great option to consider. Good Luck!