Wiring /electrical problems - Posted by Ashley GA/AL

Posted by Joe C. (AR) on October 03, 2003 at 22:59:08:

Could be several things.

  1. bad switch
  2. loose connection
  3. bad light socket
  4. owner did something stupid (nail through

These should be cheap repairs under $50 for 1,2,3 and up to $250 for #4 depending on what was done.

When I lived in the Northeast, I had a friend who “finished” his basement. He studded the walls, installed recepticles, wiring, switches. Panelled the walls, put in a suspended ceiling. Nice job.
When he had finished, he took a lamp from the main living area and brought it downstairs and plugged it in. He turned it on…nothing. He went to another recepticle…nothing, then another and another. When he called me, he was almost in tears. He was sure he’d have to start taking the panelling down to find his problem, which meant taking the suspended ceiling down first. I told him not to do anything and went right over with a meter. When I got there the problem was already solved. His ten year old daughter had suggested that he check the bulb.

Joe C. (AR)

Wiring /electrical problems - Posted by Ashley GA/AL

Posted by Ashley GA/AL on October 03, 2003 at 22:33:25:

I have found a 3BR/2BA 1986 SW in good shape. There are a few minor problems but nothing major. The only thing that worries me about it is that the lights don’t work in one of the bedrooms. The owner did tell me about this before I went to see it. Does anyone know what the problem might be and cost to fix? This will be my first mobile home deal. Thanks!

Re: Wiring /electrical problems - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on October 03, 2003 at 23:19:04:

Is it just the lights?Are the receptacles energized
in that same room? Are there any other rooms or areas
not working?if it simply the lights in that room and the lights only and the bulbs are confirmed good.With
no dead spots elsewhere.The light socket could have burned out if he used a bulb with to high a wattage
or sometimes if the bulb has been screwed in to tight
the contact button at the bottomof the socket collapes and won,t touch the bottom of the bulb.Well with that said next on the list is the switch. or theres a loose wire nut at the light or switch.With the problem being so isolated as what you described its my guess.A good
electrician should be able to trouble shoot it in one
hour plus trip charge $110.00.If the light is bad you might want to purchase a replacement and have there
for him to install while he,s there the same with the switch.With the reciepts in hand you can always return the stuff.Good luck