wooded lot 50x170,MH/sfh nearby-what to do? - Posted by MilNC


Posted by annieNC on December 26, 1998 at 22:16:26:

You may want to check with your local zoning/planning board about the minimum lot requirements for mobiles. In my area they have stiffened the guidelines. The minimum single family use for a mobile here is 3/4 of an acre.


wooded lot 50x170,MH/sfh nearby-what to do? - Posted by MilNC

Posted by MilNC on December 24, 1998 at 14:16:29:

A friend has a 50x 170 lot in a neighborhood of sfh, rented.
Nearby areas have manuf homes on them,but with good sized

The adjoining lots are owned by another person (and older atty) who owns several and has for years. Actually, the lots are 25’, so she has 2 lots.

She says she has approached the other owner several times and he doesn’t want to sell. I don’t know why he won’t sell or how to propose to him so that he might.

She thought of moving a double wide onto the lot, but then
that would go the long way, and the clearance front to back
would be little, so she thought more of a single wide. I mentioned to her that I felt that if she did not own an adjacent lot, there would be no telling what could happen down the road–she would have no control over
what was built next to her. It’s all just wood-it would have to be cleared to build or even for a MH. There is
a platted road, but it’s a dirt road the width of a car.
People use the grounds a a dump, acutally.
down the road. It’s not zoned as a MH park, it’s for
single fam home/ and many people in the area have MH on
nice land. I mentioned to her that if she were squeezed in
then how is her propery going to compare to others nearby
that have a lot of land around the mobile, and they look nice.

Even if she built a “stick built house”, it would still
be a little narrow for comfort, and comps, considering this
is a rural area, and we’re not used to being jammed up
against neighbors. Some peoplehave nice mobiles on 1/2 acre.

I know this is sketchy. What should I ask her next. I’m just
trying to help out. She says she has contacted the other owner on several occasions for a few years, to no avail, but he hasn’t developed the land either.

I personally think she should hold onto the land and develop it over a period of time, (she owns it free and clear) as she could use the future income
for some of her retirement (she is 49). She may want to hold it. Her GGGFather owned about 400 acres,of which this is part, and all the kin have lived on the land.

So I guess (or all I can think of is) it comes down to purchasing adjoining property.