Word is spreading - Posted by Dan (MD)

Posted by Dave - WA on July 19, 2003 at 01:40:45:

Lonnie Scruggs is the author of:

Deals on Wheels


Making Money with Mobile Homes

People who buy & sell mobile homes according to Lonnie’s books are doing a “Lonnie Deal” or a “Lonnie” for short.

Take a look at these articles to get a taste of what a “Lonnie Deal” is.


Word is spreading - Posted by Dan (MD)

Posted by Dan (MD) on July 14, 2003 at 21:48:07:

I’ve been doing Lonnies for about 8 months now and about 3 months ago everybody at my regular job found out what I was doing…I’ve heard just about every “slum lord” joke in the book, but I just smile and nod knowing what we all know. I have explained it to a few of my friends but they have a million excuses why they can’t get into it (time, kids, job, etc everybody here has heard the excuses).

Then something really amazing happened over the weekend. I went to a friends house for a surprise party where several acquantances (sp?) were there that I haven’t seen in a while. After less than 5 minutes mobile homes came up and I was ready to grin and smile and nod and be polite but instead of cracking the jokes they all wanted to know what I was doing…“no, no we want to hear about it not make jokes.” needless to say I was surprised myself. After about 20 minutes of explaning Lonnies and how well things are going for me everybody wanted in.

I must say it was strange giving advice and tips instead of taking the brunt of the jokes…strange but nice for a change


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Posted by Cris on July 19, 2003 at 24:43:33:

Help me out Dan…What’s a Lonnie? I’m new to this and just started looking at a MHP for purchase.


Re: Word is spreading - Posted by Dan (MD)

Posted by Dan (MD) on July 19, 2003 at 07:12:00:

First buy this book…Deals on Wheels, you can find it here. http://www.creonline.com/b-103.htm

It explains everything about what we do on this board…

Then read, read, read everything you can on this board…the archives are very good for information