Work involve - Posted by Jay

Posted by Doug on April 26, 2000 at 10:54:47:

Hi Jay,

Lonnie’s book “Deals on Wheels” has a whole chapter dedicated to problems and repairs of MH’s. I highly recommend you read it, especially if you are wondering what to look for in a MH. As far as average price for repairs, that will depend on your area of course. That can vary quite a bit from one area to the next. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with Lonnies book, It’s a must have. Hope this helps.


Work involve - Posted by Jay

Posted by Jay on April 26, 2000 at 09:47:01:

I was wondering what kind of work is involved in fixing up a mobile home for sell. What’s the most expensive task and an average price on the work? Can most of the work be done yourself or should you hire a professional? Thanks to all.