Wright Thurston - Posted by dave

Posted by Walt_FL on March 29, 2000 at 17:11:00:


I saw Wright speak in January in Orlando (Boy, he got excited… I thought he was gonna pass out) He was offering all his stuff for $500, CREOL seems to have the same deal for less. I was missing only 1 of his sets and the Prop Mgt Manual, but would have went for the deal (and almost did, anyway). IMHO he covers all the bases and is credible, he offered a few phone #'s to call at home (his nickel) or work (Yours) However not on Sunday, please. I Have listened (500 Ways is in my car now) to all his stuff I think and its all there in that package, plus some…


Wright Thurston - Posted by dave

Posted by dave on March 29, 2000 at 16:54:37:

Has anyone purchased the Wright Thurston material? I have recently purchased a couple of multi-family REIs based on Richdad concepts. I am still hungary to learn more, but I am beginning to feel the only people making the money are the authors… Does anyone have comments regarding Wright’s materials? (pro and con) Another $400 is another $400…

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Posted by Lori Samson on May 10, 2000 at 01:07:48:

Wright’s materials are great if you know that is your niche. Apartment buying can be a complicated deal. I know Wright and we even took a cruise with him Jan.1999 and I feel that he is one of the best speakers you would ever want to hear. His niche is a dificult one at best. He does seem to make it appear easy. I have all his materials and I love any and all he has on tapes. He got us into a great MLM and he makes about 30,000 a month in it, although I don’t yet!! Most of the other investors I know are in it because of Wright. Anyway, I do recommend his materials and he has a formula that he uses that is great. We specialize in lease purchase and have course materials also. I do NOT recommend that you start out with multifamily units until you have some experience. The niche we teach is the easiest to break into the real estate market with and you don’t use your cash or credit because you are not creating mortgages. You controll properties. All of your income that comes from lease purchase is all passive and none of you own money. Since you did say you have recently bought some multifamily units you do have some experience. If the units you bought are duplexes then you don’t have experience. Duplexes are the same a single sfamily units and cannot be in the same catagory as units that require managers to manage the building and having tenants moving in and out at all times. If you have a unit that is over a 6-plex then you are on the right track and probably don’t need his course but would like some fresh ideas on the subject. His materials are so reasonable that it seems hardly worth struggling over. Buy them and find out. If you are heading into large units (8-50) then go for it because if it doesn’t help you now…it will! You can trust Wright and he is respected greatly by our family. Our 7 year old went on the cruise with us and thinks Wright has a President’s voice! I’m not sure why other than it’s deep and strong. Kids! Hope I have helped just a little. E-mail me if you have any questions. LSIproperties@msn.com or go to our web site @ www.homebuyerpros.com (The picture that is on our home page was taken on the cruise with Wright!) Lori Samson, President of LSI Properties, Inc.

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Posted by Sally on March 29, 2000 at 17:40:55:

I bought an older copy of “Diamonds in the Rough” at a garage sale for $1.00 and listened to the tapes (the lady had attended his seminar in Seattle, but never even opened the materials which she said she paid $300.00 for and she never pursued REI. If she had just bought a couple multi units after she took the seminar 10 years ago, she would have made a couple million in the booming Seattle market). Diamonds in the Rough gave some good, common sense advice on buying multiples and Wright relays some pretty funny stories on his first multi-unit deal in Alaska, where he hired a gunslinger/bouncer type to go with him to collect the rent and evict people. The content may be much different now, but commercial property material is hard to come by, so I recommend buying it.