Wrong Area - Posted by Rick Saunders

Posted by Randy -IL- on March 16, 1999 at 12:18:43:

but most of the people in this newsgroup believe that it can be done anywhere. When we here in the ng say that it doesn’t work in our area, it’s sarcasm talking. Most people who post here are creative thinkers who believe in doing things a little different than “normal”.

When we talk to realtors, bankers, CPA, attorneys, or anyone else with ears they all tell us “it can’t be done here” Which is fine with me because if everyone could do it there would be much more competition! There are always people who don’t believe anything they hear. Let the naysayers radiate their negativity, all the while the creative ones are headed to the bank with an armload of money.

As far as the Sheets program goes, I think it’s a good program to start with. It skims the top of lots of topics and primes the student’s creative pump. Lots of necessary info is not in the Sheets program but at least it gives ideas of where to find more in-depth answers. The only thing he doesn’t mention is this website! This website has some of the most creative thinking minds in the real estate world. All the most invaluable info in real estate is available here for free.

When we say “it doesn’t work here” we really are just mocking the naysayers.

Stick around. You’ll learn a whole lot here.


Wrong Area - Posted by Rick Saunders

Posted by Rick Saunders on March 16, 1999 at 08:57:27:

3 months ago i got a computer and got on the internet 6 days ago. the first thing i did was search CARLTON SHEETS and here i am. i have read about 20% of these posts and alot of you who do not own the sheets course are concerned thatyou are in the wrong town or city ror his course to work. well as a course owner let me tell you what MR. SHEETS has to say about this. he says to go out of your area 5 miles, 10 miles, 50 miles what ever it takes there many areas near you where his course will work, don’t confine yourself to one area. i think his course is worth twice the price just for the information even if you never buy a single investment property, or just a home for yourself.