Yellow Page adds for finding motivated sellers - Posted by Mark_IL

Posted by Tim Jensen on March 01, 2002 at 07:35:37:


I do not like yellow pages ads. I had one for one year and I have recieved 5 calls, only one was motivated. Even that one was not a real deal. I did the calculations and that was $200 per lead so far and no deals. I don’t mind paying $200 for a lead, heck I’ll pay $1000 as long as it woeks out and I buy a place.

My theory is this, the more sophisticated sellers go to the yellow pages. Usually, these sophisticated sellers don’t need to or won’t sell at a discount or creatively. Bottome line, these are not the type of sellers I want to deal with. Overall, I think the yellow pages is too expensive and doesn’t pull enough to make it worthwhile.

With that said, I would not completely discount the yellow pages. Go to your yellow pages book. If you see other I buy homes ads, then it might be worthwhile. I would then go to the libtrary and look at some of the older yellow pages books. If you can’t find someone that runs and ad consistantly, chances are the yellow pages won’t work well in your area.

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Yellow Page adds for finding motivated sellers - Posted by Mark_IL

Posted by Mark_IL on February 28, 2002 at 20:26:54:

Has anyone had success using the yellow pages to find motivated sellers? My companies phone number is listed in the yellow pages under property manangement with no advertising banners. I get about 4 random calls a month from folks looking for a property managment firm. The last one I spoke to is very intereseted in a LP deal with me.