Yes...Contract Signed!! - Posted by Maurice (Ca)

Posted by Maurice (Ca) on June 18, 1999 at 14:25:46:

Hello all:

I justed wanted to thank everyone on this site for all the help & support that I’ve been priveladged to receive. Since I’ve ran accross this site it’s changed my whole outlook on r.e. investing. I went from a “Carlton Sheets” graduate to a “Real Estate Entrep.”.

Got a call from my agent today informing me that my offer was finally accepted. It’s a classic Legrand Wholesale/fixer property that will make a small profit. I’m just so excited & wanted to share this with everyone…especially the newbies: because as a newbie I understand the apprehension & confusion that goes along with something new. But keep the faith & keep working it at…it works!

Thanks to my partner in crime Alan!

Peace & success,