yes, mobile homes... - Posted by Brad

Posted by Tyler on June 20, 1999 at 13:49:03:

…you’ll be glad you did. It will answer this and many other questions…before you have them. AND…the return on your $29 investment will blow you away.

Good luck!


yes, mobile homes… - Posted by Brad

Posted by Brad on June 19, 1999 at 20:12:08:

I also have a question on mobile homes. I have just put together my second deal, after flipping a house last week, and making 5K. This week, I am taking control of a house by grant for deed, and taking it in trust, and will make about 20k after I sell. Now, I am interested in doing some mobile homes, maybe if nothing else, just for experience. I have a guy here in Va Beach that will loan money for them, and I was wondering if you all went through equipment loans to get your money, or if you had the cash sitting and you are pouring in to trailers or what. I am interested in making a nice 2500 a month cash flow that I know is going to be there, no matter what the market is like. Mobiles sound like a quick cash flow system to sink my teeth in to. (I am getting out of the military in a year or so, and would like to have the cashflow so I can walk with no problem) Any help as to where you get the cash (I assume you are making cash offers to get the homes at these prices) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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Posted by Susan S. Lyons on June 22, 1999 at 15:05:18:

Listen to THIS! I had BARELY started Lonnie’s book when I took a quick trip over to a MH park near my house. After a tour, the park manager GAVE me one of the MHs that had been sitting there vacant. She said, ‘fix it up and its yours’. All it needed was a little ‘elbow grease’ to spruce it up a bit!

Check around. You may get lucky and not have to shell out too much moolah. But DEFINITELY get Lonnie’s book ASAP. It covers everything. Good luck!