Your comments and / or / advise please - Posted by Jim LaVerdi

Posted by Suzanne on June 23, 2000 at 18:51:28:

. . . and how do you submit it to search engines?



Your comments and / or / advise please - Posted by Jim LaVerdi

Posted by Jim LaVerdi on June 23, 2000 at 24:19:10:

I just recently posted a new web page that promotes my investing. I publish it with my ads. It is rather new and I would like to test it to make sure it is working properly. Would some of you guys take a minute and click on one of the links at the bottom of the page and submit it. You can just type in a few xxx’s and submit it just so I know it’s working fine. I will sleep better knowing it is . (A few is all I need so if you see 3 or 4 replys) That is plenty!
The address is:


Jim LaVerdi

P.S. Any comments or critisizm is welcome also.

Re: Your comments and / or / advise please - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on June 23, 2000 at 01:58:44:


I filled in the free report form to test your system as requested-I only did that form. One question,Why when the form is completed do you have a link to send us to LeGrand’s site? Why not loop us back to your site? Another test I did was trying to submit the form without anything in any one of the blanks-it took it that way. If you want to get fancy you may want to set this up so that if any spaces you think are important are left blank the person will get a message to recheck their work.


Re: Your comments and / or / advise please - Posted by Jim LaVerdi

Posted by Jim LaVerdi on June 23, 2000 at 02:10:05:

How can I make this loop back to my page? I am really new to web pages so if you or anyone else can help with this flaw, please advise.

Thanks for your help>

Jim LaVerdi

Re: LeGrand’s forms need work - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on June 23, 2000 at 14:11:02:


Any way to adjust the setup so that the home page is viewable in full without having to scroll from side to side?

Check out your HOUSE FOR SALE form. When it is submitted a crazy error message page is what you get. I see now why you are taken back to LeGrand’s site after seeing his URL in the address window at the forms pages-the forms are his design. It looks like at the bottom of this form you have a space for people who saw one of your houses for sale. How about also including that in a link for “I am looking for a house to rent or buy.”

If possible the forms links could be renamed to make it easier for users to go to where they want. For example, say someone who doesn’t deal with real estate on a regular basis wants to buy or sell a home. They would most likely(if they are like me) have to check everyone of the form links out to figure which is the one they need. Maybe a text explanation above the forms buttons would be a good idea. A prospective buyer may think you are going to hook them up with bank financing and head to your Bank Information form-it’s not for them. Say I’m looking to lease option a home to live in-your form is set up for sellers only. Some buyer would start filling out info then as they get down the page they see it is for sellers,get fed up and leave. This is all assuming that these visitors know what a lease option is which they had better because I can’t find an explanation about what it is.
What I’m basically saying Jim is to guide site visitors to where they need to go. LeGrand’s forms all look very much the same. I’m thinking his site designers should have placed the text at the top of each one giving a general rundown of each one. Take a look at the free report form where it asks which one I’m requesting-how do I know. I was never told my choices for free reports. Those comments boxes come in handy and it is good that you have your e-mail address on the home page. I don’t know how much you can change on the forms since I have a feeling Ron probably has control of that.

I thought the site was really well done. I did not mean to come across as bashing your site. I just saw some things that would make me confused as a person trying to buy or sell. Please follow
Mr.Hoffman’s recommendations. I don’t know how to set up a web site-I just visit enough sites that I get a feeling when something about a site should be changed to make it more user friendly. has a lot of computing help in easy to understand language if you want to check them out. is a good place to check out for tips on helping your site get noticed when someone is doing a web search.

-Good Luck,Chris

Re: Your comments and / or / advise please - Posted by LHoffman

Posted by LHoffman on June 23, 2000 at 07:00:59:

Hey Jim,

Here is what you need to do…

When you call the “Thankyou.cfm” form… Simply type in “index.html” into the tag field or leave it blank. This will take you back to your main page.

If you need any help let me know… I develop web pages full-time… Oh, one other thing you should do… Is submit you site to search engines… Create a crawler list, then submit this crawler list to the search engine… Your site will have a pretty good hit ratio.

Larry Hoffman
Freelance Web Developer
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