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How to Build a Portfolio of Rentals Without Using a Bank

 Building a portfolio of rentals is the biggest
 opportunity for creating real long-term wealth.
 And investors like Jim Ingersoll, who have figured
 out a way to eliminate banks from their investing
 strategy are succeeding massively. <a href="">Read more...</a>

5 Ways to Get Seller Financing from Motivated Sellers

 Today's market has created opportunities for
 investors to work directly with motivated sellers,
 and that means "seller financing" is alive and
 well. <a href="">Read more...</a>

Mobile Home Investing Trumps Single-Family Houses

 Consider mobile homes as a low-competition
 alternative to stick-built homes. They generate
 more income at a fraction of the cost and appeal
 to a growing number of people, making your
 investment more secure. <a href="">Read more...</a>

10 Steps to Successful Short Sales in Today’s Market

 Short sales are as strong as ever. You just need
 to watch your step--and do them right. Follow
 these 10 steps and close more deals. <a href="">Read more...</a>

What Type of Investor Does the IRS Think You Are?

 Real estate tax can be tricky. The first challenge
 is determining what kind of definition the IRS
 gives you. There are five terms you need to know.
 <a href="">Read more...</a>

Get Lazy & Start Making More Money

 As real estate investors, we understand the value
 of leveraging money. But what about leveraging
 your time? Here's how. [URL=""]

How to Find Profitable Mobile Home Parks

 Mobile home parks are tremendous investments, but
 how do you find the motivated sellers that make
 profitable deals possible? <a href="">Read more...</a>

Hot Real Estate Investment News This Week

 Every Saturday morning, we publish:

   <a href="">Hot Real Estate Investment News This Week</a>
[i]All the Real Estate News That's Fit to RE-Print[/i]

 It's a compilation of the related news items that
 caught our attention during the past week. We cull
 through a ton of information to bring you the
 "cream of the crop." <a href="">Read more...</a>

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