Your Success - Posted by RichWI

Posted by JPiper on January 27, 2001 at 14:23:34:

Why don’t you go to the Money Making Ideas section of the newsgroup and read Steve Cook’s transcript. Ought to give you something to shoot for.


Your Success - Posted by RichWI

Posted by RichWI on January 27, 2001 at 09:01:07:

Hi Everyone!

This site is great and everyone is extremely helpful!

I am new and have read all the “How to Articles” etc… and have been reading the posts here every day for quite a while. Finally, I have decided to take the plunge flipping properties (I also bought William Bronchicks’ course on “Flipping”).

What I would like to know is if anyone would be willing to share what they accomplished in their first year of flipping properties, so that I can have something to shoot for - So that I can have a “plan of attack”, in the beginning.

I plan on advertising in newspapers etc… for motivated sellers and am now in the process of trying to find buyers.

I live between two major cities, Milwaukee and Chicago, so I think my potential is good. Also when I make up my mind to do something, I give it my “All”.

If you could share what you accomplished in the first year flipping, it would be greatly appreciated. You all have been so helpful giving advice so freely. I hope that I can “give back” in the future as well.

Thank You All!